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Bio2Business: CRO Tracker FAQ


"Sponsor": Biotech or Pharma outsourcing "buyer" looking to source outsourcing services

"Vendor": CRO/CMO/Contract Research "supplier" looking to offer contract services

What are the costs involved in participation?
Standard Vendor profiling is free of charge. Enhanced profiling packages are available on an annual subscription basis. In addition, advertising opportunities are available to increase brand awareness and visibility. Click here to view our annual subscription packages and the benefits of standard profiling (free of charge), click here to view our advertising opportunities.

What are the Single month and Loyalty plans?
A Single month payment plan allows vendors to subscribe to any of the assorted CRO Tracker membership packages and make payments on a monthly basis. The benefit of the Single month payment plan is that it makes it easier for the vendor to opt-in and opt-out of the CRO Tracker service and control spending

Under a Loyalty plan, the vendor commits to the CRO Tracker service for two or more months. The benefit of the Loyalty plan is that we will reward the vendors with 3 months of free membership after 9 continuous months.

How will I be able to evaluate my Company Profile Performance?
You have 2 metrics listed with your Company Profile Admin section of your profile as follows:

Number of Unique Hits: Lists the number of unique visitors to your profile

Number of Queries: Lists the number of enquiries sent to you via the RFI function

These parameters will help you evaluate your company profile performance.

How will my company benefit from the CRO tracker service?
1) Showcase Your Capabilities & Expertise: Profile on CRO Tracker and showcase your contract services expertise to an audience of R&D outsourcing professionals.
2) Awareness & Visibility: Increase awareness and visibility of your company through our press release services delivered through CRO Tracker .
3) Branding: Use the CRO Tracker platform to communicate your branding message.
4) Lead Generation: Benefit from new business opportunities delivered through the CRO Tracker Platform.

What will be the work load requirement for me to profile on CRO Tracker and maintain my profile?
It will take about 20 minutes for you to fill in the compulsory fields on CRO Tracker. You can then revisit your published profile at any point and complete some of the more detailed fields such as audit history etc. In terms of maintenance we would suggest that you update your profile on a monthly basis to keep it current.

Who will have access to the CRO tracker?
Sponsors will have full access to CRO Tracker. Limited access is available to any individual, provided they have registered online. We feel this will create the right balance between making CRO Tracker available to a wide audience to maximise your lead generation and protecting potentially sensitive information that will be available on CRO Tracker Individuals from non-profiling vendors will have limited access to CRO Tracker. Kindly read our access policy below.

Which vendors can profile on CRO Tracker?
All vendors are invited to profile on CRO Tracker. We ask that profiling companies are established legal entities and fully trading to qualify for listing.

What are the different ways that Sponsors can search for services?
Sponsors will have 3 ways to search for services and solutions:

Option A: Word Search Free text field to search for one or more words

word search

Option B: Basic Filter Search pick keywords from the dropdown menus and press Search. This method of searching is led by vendor profile content (keyword picklists) and ensures search results match the context of the search query

picklist search

Option C: Advanced Filter Search - select multiple keywords from multiple fields. Allows the end user to build complex search queries

What are the pros and cons of key word and structured field searching?

Specific word searching is more quantitative where as structured searching is more qualitative.

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