CROS NT Statisticians Promote International Year of Statistics in 2013
24th January 2013
CROS NT and more than 1,400 organizations in 111 countries are combining energies in 2013 to promote the International Year of Statistics (Statistics2013), a worldwide initiative that will highlight the contributions of the statistics field to finding solutions to global challenges.

The goals of this awareness campaign are to:
- Increase public understanding of the power and impact of statistics on all aspects of society
- Nurture statistics as a profession, especially among high-school and college students

Statistics2013 participants include national and international professional societies, universities, schools, businesses, governments agencies and research institutes. These groups will help millions of people understand the value of statistical science through seminars, workshops and outreach to students in the media.

As a centre of excellence for clinical trial data, CROS NT relies on statistical methodology, programming and analysis while assisting pharmaceutical, biotechnology and medical device companies conduct clinical trials. Biostatistics is the forte and foundation of the CROS NT heritage, and CROS has delivered expert statistical analyses and programming across all phases of drug development and in a wide range of therapeutic areas.

CROS NT has also established the Statistical Scientific Board, a prestigious group of prominent statisticians who serve as a think tank for statistical methodology and offer consultancy on statistical challenges facing the clinical trial environment.
The central features of the Statistics2013 awareness campaign is its website -

The founding organizations are the American Statistical Association, Institute of Mathematical Statistics, International Biometric Society, International Statistical Institute and the Royal Statistical Society.
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