Quotient Clinical selects ALPHADAS®, Logos Technologies’ eSource Early Phase EDC System
21st January 2013
Logos Technologies is delighted to announce today that Quotient Clinical Limited (Quotient) has entered into an agreement with Logos Technologies’ for its’ market leading, early phase, e-source data capture (EDC) system and site automation software suite ALPHADAS, which gives clinical research sites unsurpassed tools to accelerate and streamline their clinical trial operations and service. ALPHADAS is to be implemented in Quotient’s clinical pharmacology unit, located in Nottingham, UK.

Simon Lee, Chief Operating Officer at Quotient Clinical said, “We are delighted to enter in to this agreement with Logos Technologies. Having worked with a number of parties over the past months, and witnessed first-hand the stage of development of various systems in the market, it was clear that ALPHADAS is the pre-eminent system, leading the market both in terms of functionality and critically, successful implementations & delivery. The current client base of Logos were clearly delighted with what ALPHADAS delivered on the clinic floor and the symbiotic support and collaboration the team at Logos gives. It was commented on that their industry experience really does make a difference. Logos see their own success as being dependent on their clients, which was clearly evident.”

Giles Wilson, CEO of Logos Technologies said “Quotient undertook an extensive review of the market, visiting users of both ALPHADAS and other systems, coming to the conclusion that only ALPHADAS would succeed on delivering on the promise of eSource data capture. Further, the team we have built here at Logos is world class in both clinical pharmacology and eSource deployment experience. Critically, it is having been at the bedside conducting phase I trials that give our team a unique ability to understand the needs, desires & challenges of our clients.” Giles continued “Our vision centers on our clients delighting in both our products and services, which was evident to Quotient when they visited 3 of our many client sites.”

Mark Cusack, VP Global Business Development of Logos Technologies adds, “This is the second time in recent months that ALPHADAS has been selected over and above other solutions. This continued endorsement from the market demonstrates that ALPHADAS is the only proven, production ready eSource EDC system for early phase clinical trials. With now over 1,500 beds serviced globally by ALPHADAS and it’s unsurpassed track record of implementation success, the inevitable conclusion is that only ALPHADAS delivers a sufficiently compelling return on investment. We are looking forward to playing an integral part of the continued growth & success of Quotient Clinical. ”

Quotient Clinical have over 20 years’ experience delivering scientifically driven drug development programs to pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients worldwide, from start-ups to multi-nationals including 17 of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies and offer a range of services in the areas of Exploratory Clinical Pharmacology, Drug Product Optimisation and 14C Enabled Drug Development.

ALPHADAS, is an e-Source, pro-active EDC automation system designed specifically for early phase clinical trials which has achieved great success. It is a market proven solution that offers a depth of functionality other systems cannot provide. The dedicated team behind ALPHADAS are Experts in Early Phase EDC and provide an unrivalled level of service, experience and expertise to its clients. Logos Technologies continues to invest in ALPHADAS, even further increasing its performance and functionality making it the ‘System of Choice’ for early phase EDC.

For more information contact Angela King at contact@logostechnologies.com or go to www.logostechnologies.com

For further information about Quotient Clinical, visit www.quotientbioresearch.com/clinical or email clinical@quotientbioresearch.com

About Logos Technologies Inc.
Logos Technologies Inc is a leading provider of world-class clinical trial solutions to pharmaceutical, biotechnology and clinical research organisations. ALPHADAS® is a proactive eSource clinical trials system that is mobile, schedule-driven, and provides real-time bedside or station based direct data capture. It meets the changing demands and time sensitive nature of early phase trials while integrating with clinical and laboratory operations. It accelerates data throughput, and enhances data integrity.

About Quotient Clinical
Quotient Clinical, part of Quotient Bioresearch, “Quotient”, has over 20 years’ experience delivering high quality data to
provide innovative early drug development solutions to pharmaceutical and biotechnology clients worldwide, including 17
of the top 20 pharmaceutical companies. Our expertise in Exploratory Clinical Pharmacology, Drug Product Optimisation,
and 14 C Enabled Drug Development, underpinned by our unique Translational Pharmaceutics™ and Synthesis-to-Clinic™
delivery platforms, adds significant value to client development programs.

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