RenaSci: Hepatic Steatosis and Liver Function
29th January 2013
Nottingham UK. RenaSci is a specialised CRO offering an integrated blend of consultancy and experimental services to all sectors of the global pharmaceutical industry. Established in 2001, we focus on diabetes, obesity, CNS techniques and drug abuse testing. We have recently established and validated a range of assays which can be used to evaluate the effects of novel drugs on hepatic steatosis (the accumulation of lipids in the liver) and liver function in rats and mice. Total liver fat can be determined by chemical analysis (Soxhlet extraction) and enzymatic assays can be performed on liver extracts to determine total triglycerides, total cholesterol and liver glycogen. There is a good correlation between total liver fat determined by Soxhlet extraction and total liver triglycerides determined by enzyme assay. We can also measure plasma levels of liver enzymes including ALT, AST and ALP and use histological staining techniques (eg Oil Red O) to visualise the degree of steatosis at the end of studies. Hepatic steatosis is common in obese and diabetic patients therefore evaluation of the effects of novel drugs on liver lipids and liver function is an important step in the development of novel antidiabetic and antiobesity drugs. For further information please visit or contact us on
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