MRN growth continues after another great year
30th January 2013
Medical Research Network (MRN), the leading global provider of home healthcare for patients in clinical trials, today announces its most successful year-end figures to-date, highlighting a 40 per cent growth on the previous year and a 100 per cent increase on the year prior to that.

First formed in 2006 with a turnover of around £400k, MRN has posted a year-end result for 2011/2012 of £4,386,000 equating to a 47 per cent compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) since inception. During the year, MRN ran 34 projects across 19 countries and delivered more than 5,700 visits, which in August peaked at over 600. In addition, MRN expanded its extensive global partner network enabling it to now operate projects in 47 countries.

Dr Graham Wylie, CEO of MRN, commented: “I’m delighted to be posting these impressive figures today and it’s thanks to the continued enthusiasm and dedication to quality of our fantastic staff that we are in this position.

“Home trial support is clearly becoming recognised as one of the most innovative and effective stimulants to clinical trial recruitment and the long term retention of patients available. Pharmaceutical companies and CROs are searching for innovation much more aggressively than at any time in the past as the stresses and strains of clinical trial operations continue to build across the globe.

“The sector desperately needs new ways of doing things and we are proud that our range of solutions are really hitting the mark with our customers; generating major improvements in patient recruitment and retention and providing an excellent return on investment.”

MRN provides home trial support, site nurse support and bespoke flexible solutions for clinical trial patient recruitment and retention across the globe. It works with many of the largest pharmaceutical, CRO and biotechnology organisations as well as with a large number of specialist and niche companies with complex and specialised therapies under research.

In 2012, MRN launched its new MRN INNOVATION suite of tools which consists MRN-SMART, a patient scheduling tool utilising a digital pen capture facility to manage, report and track clinical trial projects in real time, MRN-TEC, an interactive online portal offering study-specific and GCP training for nurses within MRN projects and MRN-COMPLY, a quality and compliance system ensuring high standards of care across all global trials.

Dr Wylie added: “Our services have not only delivered value for traditional studies across all a phases, but are also sought out for virtual and patient centric trial designs with increasing frequency. Our sales pipeline looks excellent, so we’re positive that 2013 will be another good year, despite the global recession that has hampered us all.”

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