AMYLGEN present at Bio Spring Europe and AD/PD 2013 meeting
27th March 2013
AMYLGEN was present and participated to the Bio Spring Europe partnering meeting held in Barcelona, Spain, March 11 to 13, 2013.
At the same time, AMYLGEN was present at the 11th International Conference on Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s Diseases (AD/PD 2013), Florence, Italy, March 6 to 10, 2013 where 2 presentations were presented :
• Meunier Johann, Borjini Nozha, Gillis Cyril, Villard Vanessa, Maurice Tangui. Amyloid-Forty Two Inducers (Aftins) as a new Alzheimer´s disease model in vivo
• Lahmy Valentine, Long Romain, Morin Didier, Villard Vanessa, Vamvakides Alexandre, Maurice Tangui. Mitochondrial protection by the tetrahydrofuran derivative ANAVEX2-73, a mixed muscarinic/σ1 receptors agonist against Aβ25-35 toxicity in mouse hippocampus

Our academic partners from U710 INSERM team presented the following:
• Maurice Tangui, Duhr Fanny, Dekeuwer Alisson, Chevallier Nathalie. Amyloid toxicity induced by oligomeric Aβ25-35 injection is enhanced after pharmacologic or genetic invalidation of the sigma-1 chaperone protein
• Naert Gaëlle, Ferré Valentine, Meunier Johann, Keller Emeline, Givalois Laurent, Cazuraux François, Bazureau Jean-Pierre, Meijer Laurent, Maurice Tangui. Leucettine L41, a DYRK1A inhibitor, prevents mnesic impairments and neurotoxicity induced by icv administration of aggregated Aβ25-35 in mice
• Desrumaux Catherine, Pisoni Amandine, Meunier Johann, Deckert Valérie, Athias Anne, Perrier Véronique, Villard Vanessa, Lagrost Laurent, Verdier Jean-Michel, Maurice Tangui. Increased vulnerability to amyloid toxicity in mice with constitutive inactivation of the phospholipid transfer protein (PLTP) gene expression
• Chevallier Nathalie, Dekeuwer Alisson, Maurice Tangui. Implication of the sigma-1 chaperone protein in adult neurogenesis: Contribution to neuroprotection ?

At these occasions, AMYLGEN has been able to meet various companies involved in neurodegenerative or psychiatric diseases, interested by the proposed models.
The Aβ25-35 model of Alzheimer’s disease allows AMYLGEN to support the development of new promising treatments like ANAVEX 2-73 (Anavex Life Sciences Corp. - OTCQB: AVXL)
demonstrating disease-modifying effects of the drug, including the ability to repair normal mitochondrial functionality in the hippocampus (see press release).
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