Bio2Business (B2B) Affiliate Scheme
The B2B Affiliate Scheme presents a opportunity for global bioregion organisations to interact with Bio2Business on a co-promotional basis. Bio2Business is pleased to offer bioregions the opportunity to take advantage of the following promotional platforms at no charge:

1. Post news on the Partner News section of the Bio2Business website
2. Post events on the BOS Events calendar viewed at
3. Potential inclusion of news items in Bio2Business newsletters at editors discretion
4. Post a 100 word profile at the B2B Affiliate Programme link on
In return for the promotional offer outlined above participating bioregions we request that participating bioregions support Bio2Business with a reciprocal package of promotional mechanisms e.g. website links, events calendar listings, newsletter listings. We can be quite flexible in terms of what may constitute a reciprocal arrangement and look forward to your suggestions. If you would like to explore further please get in touch.

In addition to the standard B2B Affiliate Scheme we can offer bioregion organizations the opportunity to work with Bio2Business at a deeper level by becoming a Bioregion event partner. This allows Bioregions to participate in a Biotech Outsourcing Strategies Event on a co-promotional basis. In return, Bio2Business requests that our Bioregion partners help promote our events to your audience.

Please contact us to discuss future options